Brasserie des Templiers

Since 1886

Our establishment located in Marseille, was founded in 1886, since that date we have not stopped reinventing ourselves through the ages while keeping this touch that makes our identity. The Templar Brewery is above all a story, a story of sharing with you, but also a love story for well-done cooking. Come and find a card authentic and generous in the heart of a century-old building. When the magic of a unique place meets the attraction of a warm atmosphere and sophisticated cuisine, this gives a exceptional institution.
sea urchins
restaurant brasserie des templiers in marseille

The Brasserie des Templiers and its team will be delighted to welcome you from Monday to Sunday from 8 a.m. to 10 p.m. Seafood specialties will be waiting for you to make your mouth water. You can also find a wide variety of homemade dishes, made from fresh products prepared with care by our chef.
We welcome you with a smile and the passion of our profession which is found through our brand that we have maintained since 1886.
Lovers of history, good atmosphere and authenticity? You will suddenly go to a voucher when coming to us, do not wait any longer.

To come is to Come back !

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the team of la brasserie des templiers
oysters, prawns, mussel lobster, prawns, oysters, whelks
lobster pasta sea urchin platter
seafood platter seafood platter
crabs, lobster, oysters oyster platter
seafood maker
plate of cold cuts
large plate of cold cuts
large table of the Templar brewery
the wines of the Templar brewery

Opening & Booking


08h00 - 22h00
08h00 - 22h00
08h00 - 22h00
08h00 - 22h00
08h00 - 22h00
08h00 - 22h00


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